Harrods Will Sell A Near Million-Dollar TV

If you suffer from the most enviable predicament of having both too much money and too much wall space, the UK's premiere high-end retail outlet would like to speak with you — something about a 152-inch plasma TV.

The 152-inch Panasonic TH-152UX1W — the world's largest commercially available flat-screen — is typically used in airports and theme parks for mega-sized displays. It is the equivalent area of a three by three grid of 50-inch sets, weighs 544kg, and don't even ask how you get it through the front door (pretty sure there's going to be sawing involved).

It has a 4K2K display — 4096x2160 pixels — that exceeds the current high-def standard nearly four-fold. And yes, it's 3D capable, showing a full HD image to each eye. Harrods is selling this monstrosity for £600,000 ($910,000). Just remember to sit a safe distance from the screen to prevent eye strain. New Zealand should do. [The Telegraph via Born Rich via Yahoo]

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