Google And Motorola Forced To Hand Over Android Development Secrets To Apple

Google and a Motorola Mobility unit have been ordered by a US judge to turn over details relating to the development of Android to Apple. Along with it, Google is to hand over information about Google's pending $US12.5 billion acquisition of Moto.

According to Bloomberg, US Circuit Judge Richard A. Posner made the decision yesterday as part of a patent lawsuit filed by Apple in 2010. Speaking before the ruling, one of Motorola's attorneys said:

"Google's employees and documents are not within the ‘possession, custody, or control' of Motorola, and Motorola cannot force Google to produce documents or witnesses over Google's objections."

Well, that didn't quite work out. It will be interesting to see what comes out of the case, especially given that it's not currently clear exactly how much detail has been requested. [Blooomberg]



    What does acquisition have to do with Apple? Or do they have a patent on buying other companies too?

    Apple is simply trying to cause as much damage to other companies as it can. Ethics and morality count for little to Apple.

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Its clear Jobs passed on his filthy theiving skills to his sucsessors at apple. This has absolutely nothing to do with preventing copyright infringement. Its all to do with apple seeing what new technology google and moto have come up with that apple can steal. Apple is quite obviously rotten to the core.

    it has nothing to do with whats in the works and more to do with how they developed android. It says so in the first sentance!

    So if apple says well we have a great idea and its "4" and we got that idea by adding 2+2 then android comes out with "4" apple is saying hang on. we had that idea and pattent it so how did you work it out.

    I try to make this really easy. Especially for Antonia who has shown nothing but how dense 'she' can be on here.

      Apple may have added 2+2 to get 4, but Android could easily add 3+1 to get 4, or 5-1 etc. There are a thousand different ways to get to "4." And clearly the way Android did it was better because they are taking more and more market share from Apple.

      As it stands, by 2015 Android will be the dominant product in the market. But we shall see, Win8 looks awesome.

      Really Anthony you see Apple as the good guy in all this?

      I'm impressed at how well you've been brainwashed. Its ok you don't need to think for yourself as Apple will do that for you.

        Brainwashed? This is all that is reported, and this is all I hear of. Apple trying to get rid of the competition. Perhaps they should just stay off the track. Otherwise (wait for it), they look like the rich fat spoiled kid who can't hack it.

        Oh, brainwashed? Nope, that's just what I see.

          I thought it'd be clear as the class on my glasses, so yeah I am surprised Anthony is taking it that way too :) Fannyboy'ism.

      Damn it David beat me to the number game.

      Seriously how far are they going to go with this, "OMG you used UNIX Kernels!!!"

    Something that people keep forgetting is that Android contains ALOT of Microsoft technology. Something like 40% of revenue goes to MS. Do you think Google AND Microsoft together with all of their patents won't beat down Apple?

    Pew, not taking sides, but you do know that Apple is bigger than Google and Microsoft combined right?

      Josh, Apple is bigger in terms of $$. You need to remember that this is only die to their share price and the world of shares can change dramatically and quickly.

      In terms of patent libraries, I dare say the number of patents held by Microsoft would be much larger than those held by Apple and Google holds a fair chunk as well. I beleive Pew was referring to the patent libraries of Google and MS vs Apple, not the companies values.

        You may be right, although, it is worth a mention that Apple has been around the longest, and I would pretty much guarantee that they have more mobile phone patents than Google and Microsoft, which is the issue at hand.

        I think the other thing worth mentioning is - I would be pretty pissed if I was Apple, and I put in all this money into R&D to create something that no one had ever done before. And I don’t care what anyone says, no one had done anything like the iPhone before. Did Apple create the mobile phone - no, did they create touch screens - no. What they did was make it work really really well, and did things with the technology no one had ever thought of. Plenty of people said it would fail - too expensive, not compatible etc etc. But then it did, and everyone jumped on and COPIED it. Competing companies may have found work arounds to avoid patents, but what’s at the core of the iPhone, what makes it so cool - everyone has copied that.

        Also, people love to say Android is taking over, and going to outsell the iPhone – whatever. Compare apples with apples (pardon the pun). Android is one OS on lots and lots of phones. iOS is one OS on one phone – consider that.

        Now I am pretty sure I am going to be accused of being an Apple fanboy, whatever, I don’t care. The difference between me and people who hate Apple because its cool to hate Apple, is I can see that other products are really cool too. All too often people just hate what Apple do because they are Apple products.

        End of rant.

          @ Josh,

          I don't agree with much of what you said, but I won't argue with you or call you fanboy, 'cos your statement "I don’t care what anyone says" says it all reallly. What really throws me is that you somehow think this is about being "cool". Not the tech, not the patent issues, but being "cool". WTF is "cool" anyways? Can you define that please? Is it something that you can slap a patent on? (tho with Apple's track record of vague patents, you probably can)

          This really is about the patents and the technology. If two companies make a product that does the same thing, but in fundamentally different ways, then the patent jsut does not apply. As an basic exaample, lets look at the Zipper (lets say Apple) and Velcro (Android). The Zipper was around first, keeping the opening at the top of your trousers closed (smartphones), then along came Velcro which can do the same thing. Both do the same thing, making sure your old fella isn't swinging in the wind. But with totally different mechanisms. One cannot sue the other for patent use.

          "Work arounds to avoid patents" are extremely important, so that valid patents are not abused in the very fashion you vilify.

          TL;DR version: Patents, technologies and work-arounds of are extremely important. Your "cool" factor means sweet FA.


    It's surprising that they don't just move all their "IP" to offshore storage, and tell Apple and some of these judges they're paying off to get fscked.
    Seriously, how do you "shut down" a company as big as Google, Motorola etc. You can't just switch off the light. What would make things interesting if we started going down the cyberpunk path and some of these companies started hiring their own mercenaries to start guarding their premises and then telling all these other companies to go fsck themselves.

    Wouldn't this be violating laws?

    Giving a competitor commerical secrets??
    I would be requesting a full NDA and have all the code patented or protected with massive fines for anything that screamed of being similar or copied.

    It would be like AMD going to a judge to hand over all of intel's secrets.
    Seriously this will be challenged unless there is missing information from this news posting such as exactly what they are allowed to look at. There has to be some sort of restriction in place.

    Funny thing is, Motorola created the first portable cellphone!

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