Flying Spider Or Spider Fly, I Don't Care: I Really Hate This Bug

Look at this disgusting thing. They just discovered this horrible flying thing along with other three other new species of Australian spider flies. This is the first one that looks as horrible as this one, with its shiny blue jewel body and spider legs.

All of the species are disgusting, though. They insert their eggs into baby spiders. The eggs stay in there and then it grows into a larva that starts eating the spider from the inside. What a charming little bug. [Pensoft]


    Looks like a mashup

      Good to hear about the fact they kill spiders, though. Fuck spiders.

    I've seen a few of these things!

    Look at this disgusting thing

    Way to go, being a typical big girls blouse about a simple flying insect! Eww it's ugly so it must be disgusting!!

      yeah fully agreed. it seems to be a current internet meme or culture to be abhorrently disgusted by any kind of insect life. Get over it people.

      Don't like spiders? That's cool. I have trouble handling large numbers of small insects (a huge army of ants for instance) but don't spend all my time trying to convince others how awful they are.

      That photograph is fascinating. Some people may find it disgusting. But others may find it beautiful (an entomologist for example)

    either way they are a pan in the neck when there are a hundred or so buzzing around you.. Fuck I hate flies because of that.

    kill it with fire

    was really hoping this was about a flying spider.. that would freak out the tourists who are already terrified of our creepy crawlies!

      not to mention the drop bears.

      hehe... it is fun to have new material for them isn't it :) the great aussie tradition

    It bothers me a little that people generally don't learn to appreciate the diversity of life on this planet. Flies are not disgusting, despite their attraction to rotting stuff and their tendency to carry disease. They're just doing their thing in the world, same as us.

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