Fitocracy: Turns Getting In Shape From Chore To Game

Fitocracy: Turns Getting In Shape From Chore To Game

Fitocracy came out of private beta today, opening up to the public, and in doing so launched a great little iPhone app that lets you track your workouts and take part in an addictive game where you score points by getting healthier.

What does it do?

The app tracks your workouts and activity, letting you manually enter your crunches, squats, runs and trots to score points. It turns those activities into a game where you can earn badges and advance through levels, and also compete against others on a level field. So, for example, even though you may be hitting the heavy bag, you can still compete with somebody doing kettle bells and have equivalent scores.

Why do we like it?

By making workouts a level-up kind of game, Fitocracy always keeps you looking to score a few more points, which in turn not only helps you get ahead at the game, but get fitter overall. Also, Fitocracy doesn’t tie you into tracking one type of workout. Weights, running, swimming, pushups, salsa dancing; whatever your thing is you can earn points for doing it. And in fact, it actively encourages you to try new challenges and activities. Plus, it just has a great supportive community.


Download this app for:

The Best

Easy workout tracking

The Worst

Doesn’t auto-track movement; could use GPS