Facebook Will Prove You're Alive During The Next Disaster

When an earthquake ravaged Fukushima and terrified all of Japan, the entire country had one reaction: is everyone OK? And if you knew someone in an afflicted area, you might've been thinking, is my husband OK? Now Facebook will tell you.

Facebook's new Disaster (currently in trial for Japan only) feature is so simple and could be so very useful: if you're in an area hit by a natural disaster (or terrorist attack, I presume), you'll have the option to flag yourself as safe with all the ease of clicking "Like". Or, if you've managed to get in touch with someone you know in a danger area, you can flag their profile as safe for them. Either way, Facebook will become a go-to source for peace of mind. It's the kind of tool you hope you'll never have to use, but one we might be glad to have. And one that'll rack up ad views for Facebook the next time a crisis hits. Click! [YokosoNews via NewScientist]


    Brilliant idea really!

    if they dont have phone service chances are they dont have bloody internet

      other friends being able to mark them as safe helps here.

    No doubt Facebook will be able to target those in the disaster zone with ads like "half price biohazard suit sale!"

    That's a great idea.

    In no time will we hear a story about a man who died from an accident seconds after he pressed the Facebook's "Safe" button.

    -News: There's mass flooding in new south wales
    -Facebook User: Safe!
    -Facebook User get's flooded and sadly, passes away.... downstream
    -Family assumes is all OK thanks to technology
    -A few weeks later, family finds out tragic death
    -Family sues facebook
    -Family loses case
    -Family live a miserable life.... "If only we called!"

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