Facebook Says: You Will Break Up On A Friday

If there's one platform that knows our mating habits better than we do, it's probably Facebook. So you should probably listen up when it rattles off a bunch of stats about relationships, and how yours is probably doomed this winter.

Facebook pored over data from 2010 and 2011 tracking nameless changes to relationship statuses. Married to divorced; single to in a relationship; it's complicated to not-in-middle-school-anymore. Turns out, some patterns crop up. Fairly predictable ones at that. We hop into (Facebook-official) relationships more around Valentine's Day, Christmas and on Mondays, for some reason. No big surprise on hooking up around the big hook-up holidays, and Monday sort of makes sense for post-weekend status updates.

As for the breakups, those happen in the winter — June and July specifically — and over the weekend. Which makes sense, as winter is the time when one partner realises that he or she is much more attractive than whatever slug let themselves get gross over the summer. And of course Friday and Saturday are Facebook-breakup days: that's when all the rebound boning happens.

You can check out the full analysis at Facebook, though we've included the frustrating-to-navigate-to full size versions of the graphs below. [Facebook via Digital Trends]

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