Everything You Need For The Mad Men Premiere

Mad Men Season 5 premieres in the US tomorrow. The show's been gone for basically two years, but its popularity hasn't gone anywhere. Here's everything you'll need to nerd out on your favourite advertising renegades hard enough to make everyone else at your viewing party feel uncomfortable.

Lucky Strike Cigarettes

There are no consequences to anything in Mad Men. Or something like that? It is a very subtle show; you can never be too sure what the central thesis is, but everyone smokes a lot. That probably means something? $US17 / carton

Titanium Money Clip

Money clips are classier than wallets. Your money slides easily in and out of them. They are almost certainly some kind of disgusting metaphor for money, power and sex. $US30

Manhattan Cocktails

You're drinking Manhattans. It's a genteel drink from a simpler time. But you really should learn how to mix your own. Vermouth, bourbon, bitters a cherry and some peels. Because no one's going to take you seriously if you only know how to make a rum and coke or vodka and orange juice. $ingredients

Slim Graph Print Tie

Mad Men drives fashion trends, but it's old so that means it goes backward? Sort of. Whatever. Skinny ties! They go especially well with grown man shoulders and strong jaws. $US60

Herbal Essences Set Me Up Hair Gel

There was a time when hair gel was a sign of a man of means, not just Pauly D and Co. This isn't that time, but Set Me Up is one of the stronger gels out there, so it should make your punk hair do whatever you want. $US10

Xikar X8 Cigar Cutter

Men sitting in a room smoking smoking cigars. That's pretty much all the 50s were for well-to-do adults, right? $US30

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