Ever Wanted To Own Iron Man's Armour?

Hollywood's usually pretty protective of its props, especially for more recent flicks. So it's surprising that a bevy of assorted costumes, weapons and peripherals from Captain America, Thor and Iron Man 2 are up for auction. Something tells me you're going to need a Tony Stark-sized wallet to afford any of the really tasty articles. The Hollywood Reporter reports that Marvel Entertainment will auction off key props from its three most recent superhero films on April 14th via L.A based auctioneers Profiles In History. As with any auction, there's a certain amount of less interesting stuff — things like chair backs, clapper boards and so on — as well as a few key items. Like a screen worn Captain America suit, the Iron Man 2 "autopsy" armour and Mjolnir.

Although, hang on — wasn't it a key plot point of Thor that only one who was worthy could pick up Mjolnir? If you won the auction, how are they going to ship it to you? [Hollywood Reporter via ComicBookMovie]

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