Double Exposure Twins Are Twice As Interesting

The entire point of describing two people as "identical twins" is that they're identical, right? But what happens if you take photos of each twin and double expose them? The results are fascinating. The photographer in this case is Caroline Briggs, a UK-based photographer who is herself a twin, told the BBC that the photographic study — she's keen to hear from more twins, just in case you are one — is meant to explore the emotional aspects of being a twin.

"Like most twins, I hate being compared to my sister, and most other twin projects have that freak show quality of compare-and-contrast that leaves me cold. While I'm also interested in the physical similarities and differences between identical twins, I also want to explore identity and the emotional side of being one half of pair too. The battle between wanting to be alike, yet craving an identity separate from your real-life clone, is one I have lived. By creating a single portrait from two people poses questions about their relationship and their desire - or lack of desire - to live completely separate lives."

The pictures are interesting in what they reveal and what they don't, from the direct similarities to the choices each twin makes; you can view the full gallery of shots at Caroline's web site. [Caroline Briggs via BBC] Image: Caroline Briggs

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