Doctor Who: New Trailer, Only 6 Episodes This Year

Fresh off what it was calling the "first" Doctor Who convention, the BBC's officially released the first teaser for the upcoming season of Doctor Who, which will comprise fourteen episodes over two years.

There's no sign of the new companion — now confirmed to be Jenna-Louise Coleman — in the trailer, although that's because the BBC has confirmed she won't show up until the Christmas episode.

The trailer was first shown at what the BBC rather amusingly called the "first" Doctor Who convention in Cardiff over the weekend; this isn't just ignoring the many fan-based conventions that have taken place, but also the BBC's own effort to mark the show's 20th anniversary back in 1983. Revisionist history is like that, I guess.

In terms of future scheduling, what we've got to look forward to this year are six episodes and then eight next year, but there's no word as yet as to when we'll see new Who down under. [BBC]

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