Vodafone And Dick Smith Will Sell The iPad

If you're after an iPad on Friday (and you're willing to queue), your buying options have widened slightly, as Dick Smith and Vodafone have both officially joined the ranks of those selling Apple's new tablet. There's not a lot of detail available as to what Dick Smith stores will charge for the iPad — and I wouldn't hold my breath for extensive discounts, or for that matter huge stock numbers — but it's another option out there.

On the Vodafone front, a representative just confirmed that they'll sell the iPad, promising a full statement later this afternoon; I'll update when that comes through, although I'd be surprised to see pricing before Thursday in any case from any carrier.

Vodafone and Dick Smith joins Telstra, Optus and Apple itself as confirming they'll sell the iPad; while there are rumblings that BigW will sell the unit, there's nothing confirmed as yet, and the same is true for JB Hi-Fi.

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