Conroy Still Has A 'Surprise' In Store For The Filter

Ah, compulsory Australian Government Internet Filter. Why won't you die? Oh, that's right -- because you're still part of government policy. At the NBN three year rollout launch today, Senator Stephen Conroy was asked about the progress of the Internet Filter. His response didn't say much, but it was rather worrying.

His response was essentially that while he was happy with the ISPs that had adopted the Interpol Internet filter, and that he was still in consultation with industry bodies, he "didn't want to spoil the surprise" regarding the filter. He smirked (not pictured above) when he did this.

That makes me rather nervous.


    might be time to start looking for VPNs.

      Why? Are you going to naughty sites?


        And the 64 million dollar question is - what is considered a naughty site? Riddle me that Jimmy-boy.

          Bingo... That's the problem in a nutshell!

          Child porn would probably cut it.

            Which the mandatory filter won't stop (or the Interpol voluntary (for isps) filter either).

            Why don't people research this stuff before crapping on about how the filter will stop child pornography? Talk about just swallowing whatever the mainstream media wants you to believe without investigating any technical facts whatsoever.

              exactly, you won't be able to stop the pervs by filtering unless you filter the entire internet (not just the world wide web, the entire internet, FTP, torrents, IRC, USENET, BBS,), and ban ALL encryption. Seeing as it is impossible to do all that without crippling the internet, and ending all online purchases (noone is going to buy things online if their transactions are transmitted unencrypted) .

                Go old school ... Gopher :)

        How long untill any website disagreeing with the Government policy is considered a "naughty siter"?

          It already is, our fascist government and their 'voluntary' ISP helpers already block discussion about subjects such as abortion and euthanasia. The Labor government is a disgrace for controlling political discussion under the disguise of stopping porn. When are people going to stand up to these fascists?

            This is the Govt. Your inappropriate comment is about to be removed.

    The surprise is that it's going to place on the NBN ...So all those waiting for the NBN -there's the catch to joining it... He hasn't ditch, just been put on the back burner ...

      Yes I do think you are right. If you sign up for the NBN then you will have the filter now matter what, both are government. It will be a sad day that in order to get good to great Internet, you have to have a catch instead of letting your employers decide what is good for them. Employers = Australian people (US!!!)

        Dude you need to go back to school. You are obviously in the group who managed to get through school without learning how to read/write.

    out of interest, will blocked domains be listed publicly? it'd be interesting to see how deep the censorship goes...

      Well, you can get a general idea of their thinking from the leaked 2009 lists:

      Even ignoring the dentist's website that was on this list, there's some weird/troubling inclusions...

      No. It'll be a secret list. So it is more difficult to bypass, supposedly.

        That was meant to be a secret list...

    So I won't be able to access my North Korean bomb construction and illegal pornography forums anymore?

      Very clever, but the point is that it's not that easy to separate 'good' from 'bad' on the Internet.

        Hence the reason why the decision should be left up to parents and people instead of Government telling us what to do, what to think and even what to eat. Just kill the filter and be done with it.

        LNP should keep the NBN Co going but get them to try to keep the cost down instead of allowing Labor to blow the budget out but millions as tehy do with almost every project. If LNP do this, BANG!!! you have LNP winnin gby a landslide like Queensland.

        Tony....are you reading this???

          Tony Abbot loves the Internet Filter!
          It's the only thing that he thinks is good Labor Policy!

          guarentee you he isn't.

    don't worry, by the time they get around to it, someone else will be in government. Can't stand that smirking Conroy... i'm surprised you couldn't find a picture.. he always smirks.

    Conroy basically can't help but smirk, ask him what the weather is and he'll deliver it with a smirk.

    I said months ago, when Conroy first said that the filter was on hold, that it'd probably be part of the NBN.

    No doubt, knowing Conjob, he'll proclaim that the mandatory filter is popular based on the number of people who sign up for the NBN and just accept being blocked accessing websites on abortion, euthanasia and Gay/Lesbian rights - as Jim Wallace said he'd ensure it would. the time he can do anything Labour will be out of government anyway. We all know that the next election is just going to end up as a total embarrassment to them

      So we need them to have built enough NBN so that it's too late for Abbott to scrap, but not enough Internet Filter so that Abbott can scrap it.

        So you think that Mr. Conservative Abbott would scrap this? This is a very Liberal Party policy. They'd love it!

          O RLY? Quick Google search: 29 Jan 2012 - Abbott said the Coalition would not seek to repeat “Labor's ham-fisted attempt to put a filter on the internet”, ahem...

            The monkey holds every position on everything

            Once Abbot and his christian right loonies have turned Australia into some sort of weirdo Calvinist theocracy where you get put in stocks for whistling on the sabbath; then he will turn his attention to the web. He will most likely decide that the internets is black magic and the work of the devil.

              chrisp - what a load of ad hominem tripe.

                And your response is what, exactly, bob? Pot, kettle, black.

            Back when Howard was in power they were pushing for a government provided software filter package. This would allow parents to download and install a filter that WOULD PROTECT THEIR KIDS but not bother anyone else.
            This idea wasn't well advertised and didn't do very well though. This is where labor thought up it's crazy 'well if people won't apply it themselves... everyone must have it!' approach.

    A smirking ALP union stooge -- this is not a good sign.

    He doesn't have a surprise when we all know that he's going to bend us over and screw us.

    Steve Conroy's "One more thing" isnt as good as Steve Job's

    Conroy won't be running a bath in Canberra, let alone Communications, come next year. Don't worry too much about it.

      I'm with you Will! No sleep lost on a dead man walking.

    Usually I like to consider myself somewhat elegant in my comments, particularly with serious matters that affect me as an adult and my various freedoms. However:

    F*ck you, you smug f*ckhead retard twit

    I'm not much one for profanity in forums, but in this case I'll make an exception as it's the only way that I can convey how strongly I feel about the subject:

    F**k you, Stephen Conroy, you f**king f**k, and f**k your stupid f**king filter as well. No one f**king wants it. I am an adult. I will decide what I will and won't look at. I am fine with the Interpol list/filter in place, but beyond that, you will not decide for me what is right to look at and what isn't, and you *definitely* will not judge for me what is right or wrong based on religious or your own personal interpretation of "morality".

    Makes. me. SO. ANGRY.

      High five! Great minds think alike :)

    I really hate that man.

    The problem I see with the filter, isn't the filtering of 'naughty sites', its the transparancy/freedom of information that concerns me. Zero transpancy on the list of filtered sites means the people paying for this filter don't even know what its blocking. Effectively it could be blocking any kind of subjects the current government body deems 'naughty', we can see how well that works for China... & it may not go that far, but it doesn't mean it won't take a few steps down that path.

    Yep, because pedo's go to It's stupid to think this will achieve ANYTHING other than driving EVERYTHING further underground and therefore harder to detect and prosecute.

    Does anyone else think that Conroy is the most insufferably smarmy and arrogant turd on earth?

      I wouldn't recommend clicking that link. Mods that definitely wasn't my intent.

        Black suite and sunglasses wearers turning up at yours in 3... 2... 1...

    I'm not worried about Conjob's filter.
    His comments indicate federal Labor are in denial and have not learned anything whatsoever from the thrashing Labor got in the Qld election.
    After the next Federal election Labor will be lucky to have 15 seats in the House of Reps.

    All we have to worry about is whether Abbott honours his promise that the "Coalition would not seek to repeat Labor’s ham-fisted attempt to put a filter on the internet".

      There is no way Turnbull will let the filter through, he will have his hands full with the overspending in his portfolio as is let alone spending more on a stupid filter. I also doubt the Mad Monk will care too much either, again his hands will be full dealing with winding back the Carbon Tax. I hate the current Labour Govt.

    I love freedom, and I love the interwebs. This is a massive problem. Not the filter, but freedom and the interwebs.

    Question for all interested parties: If the internet facilitates abuse (ie, people use it as a platform to make money from exploiting children and selling the images/video, or as a platform to publish terrorist propaganda like videos of a French guy shooting schoolgirls in the head) and WITHOUT the support of this platform (that is, access to a participant audience) , the will diminished, possibly stop. How else do you propose we, as a society, stop our beloved interwebs from becoming an instrument of abuse, knowing we can't control who posts what outside of our jurisdiction, without curbing participant audience access to the offending material, thereby diminishing, and in part, negating the offenders' actions and motivations? Discuss.

    So conjob is pushing these great internet speed in the sale brochure then taking them away due to the internet filter. what a douche, how about we get someone in office who has a clue about how this works. 1984 all the way down.

    A "surprise"?

    Well, at least he isn't even pretending to give a crap about transparency.

    bah, Labour are dead in the water anyway (a good deal of why perhaps lies with Conroy). By the time they get around to actually 'doing something' they will be out on their asses and the Greens and indies will make sure it doesn't pass through. No one really likes either government right now so you can be sure there will be Greens and indies in there (which is probably why it is not being submitted now).

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