Come March 27, Telstra Will Be Selling The Samsung Galaxy S II 4G

As far as secret plans go, Telstra's intentions regarding the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G haven't been conducted in the most clandestine of fashions. No surprise, is it then, that we now have solid confirmation and pricing ahead of smartphone's release in ten days' time.

Ausdroid and its sources have once again come up with the goods, which you can see in the image here. You can clearly make out the $79 pricing, along with the 2GB / $800 caps.

Ausdroid notes that the details are identical to those of the HTC Velocity 4G, though they mention the Velocity should see a price reduction "in the next few weeks". Ausdroid also speculates that a larger battery might be inside Telstra's Galaxy S II, going by the more rounded shape of the device compared to the standard model.

Let us know if you plan to grab one come launch (or holding out for the phantasmal GS III).


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