Combine Your iPhone And iPad Like Voltron To Make This Ukelele Synth

In a breakthrough that is sure to send shockwaves through the tiny guitar industry, Amidio has created a ukelele iOS synth that can be played on the iPad and iPhone at the same time with a virtual fretboard and strings.

The devices connect over Bluetooth, and the developers have managed to reduce the lag between them so the iPhone can be used to select chords while the iPad can be strummed on. Unfortunately the setup seems to hinge on a special case that tethers the devices together but doesn't exist yet.

The universal app will be available come April and is touted as being "optimised for the iPad 3". And while it can be played on any device as a standalone app, being ukelele superstars we're going to hold out until that special case materialises. [Amidio via BoingBoing]

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