Club Telco Offers Contract-Free NBN Plans

Want an NBN connection (presuming you're in an NBN-connected area) but don't want a lengthy contract? Club Telco's announced its plans for the NBN, and they're month-by-month affairs — with a slight catch. Club Telco's pitch for most ADSL contracts is that the word contract is largely redundant; it'll offer month-by-month services instead with no contract term.

The same is true of its NBN plans, which can be purchased on a month-by-month basis across all the NBN speed tiers, although for whatever reason those on a budget only have a single 12/1Mbps option. Pricing is reasonable without being truly great, and there's a slight sting in the tail, as Club Telco's business model includes a $50 "Membership Fee", paid annually. [Club Telco via Lifehacker]

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