Chinese Man Makes Homemade Submarines After Being Laid Off

Would you trust a homemade submarine made by some guy who was laid off from his factory job in China? Maybe not. But don't you think a $US30,000 functional mini submarine is totally worth it? Yes! Screw a new car, buy a submarine!

It's truly impressive. What logic points a man who was laid off towards a new career in submarine making? How did this man, a Chinese worker in Wuhan, China, manage to pull together $US400,000 to start a 10-man workshop to make $US30,000 submarines? It's a freaking submarine, for god's sake! You can't just make them. Who does this? What's amazing is that his first few models sank yet he still kept working at it and people kept supporting him.

Now the actual working mini submarine has room for two people, can dive up to 30m and propel as fast as 20km/h for 10 hours. There's also emergency oxygen reserves and an underwater video camera. Sounds fancy! So who would buy this? Apparently, fishermen, who use the mini submarine to scout areas rather than hiring professional divers. The submarine maker is on deck to make three of these puppies (though his small shop operation limits him to only producing one a month) with hopes of turning this into a full-time business. Here's to you, bold submarine maker, for picking the weirdest post-layoff gig ever. [MIC Gadget]

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