China Demands Physical Perfection From Female Astronauts

You thought being an astronaut in America was tough? Forget advanced degrees and 1,000+ hours of flight time — in China, if you're a woman with dreams of space, you need a perfect face and no BO.

China Military News reports two female "taikonauts" have made the next cut for the country's Shenzhou-9 mission space mission, declared sufficiently "flawless" for the vacuum. So why's physically verboten for would-be space women of China?

• NO "decaying teeth"

• NO scars

• NO cesarean births

• NO single ladies

• NO "body odor"

This sounds more like a checklist for hiring at a moon base strip club, not an elite group of highly educated and highly skilled space explorers, but, hey, priorities, I guess. But China says its insistence on pretty astronauts is justified — according to an editor at the China Academy of Space Technology's magazine, anything short of a flawless body could cause a cosmic crisis:

The women could not have decayed teeth "as it might cause great trouble or a disaster in space." Pang said a scar might open and start bleeding in space and the cramped conditions would intensify body odour.

And you thought getting hit by space debris or burning up upon reentry was precarious. Godspeed you, Chinese rocket ship beauty queens. You'll be an inspiration to other physically-flawless girls all across your country. [Chinese defence Mashup]

Note: Is it just us or does that photo of an alleged Beautiful Chinese Astronaut look photoshopped? Her face looks like it was drawn on!


    Pic's certainly a fake. A Simple zoom in in photoshop proves that.

    Maybe coz a 2bn population needs strict rules for applicants....? lol

      Hadn't thought of that. They certainly wouldn't have a shortage of applicants.

      Not just that, it's part of China's compulsive need to present the absolute best (fakest) face to the rest of the world.

      What about that little girl who sang at the Beijing Olympics but was deemed 'not cute enough', so they replaced her actress with supposedly another, cuter little girl who lip-synced. Or the CGI fireworks? Of course this would be the country that would need its astronauts to look like models.

    i get all the rest except the bit about being 'no single ladies'. They dont want to tempt the males?

      Just the sleazy ones.

      In space, no one can hear your rape whistle.

    They didnt say anything about them being slim or tall so it could be possible that a female with nice teeth and no scars who's fat and short could potentially make the list! I give a 8 out of 10 to that chinese gal in the picture.

    Oh yes.. haha.. let's sensationalise every tiny snippet of news.. haha.. It's so funny, Sam.. you should work for College Humour..

    Idiot American Tech Journalists.

    Most of these rules apply to the men too.

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