Cartoonish Juicer Shreds Your Orange's Guts

Don't let those cartoonish eyes and the stereotypically upbeat commercial for this juicer fool you. At its core, the Gurefuru Chuchu is a cold-hearted pulp-shredding machine that turns any citrus fruit into a glass of fresh pulpy juice.

An included tool cuts a small hole in the peel which makes it easier to insert the juicer. While a set of pop-up arms work like tiny chainsaws, spinning as you crank the handle, turning the fruit's guts into an extra-chunky style slurry that can be sucked up through a straw.

It sounds as horrifying as it does delicious, but if you have no regard for the well-being of citrus fruits, you can pre-order one here for $US38. [Japan Trends Shop via Dvice]

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