Carbon Fibre Sunglasses Sound Great -- Until You Stop And Think About Them

Sunglasses made out of moulded carbon fibre with scratch-resistant lenses would fix a lot of standard sunglass-related problems. Like sitting on them. Or having them fall off your face. They're perfect! Kind of.

For all their engineering might, there are still two problems with the admittedly attractive Kolstom Classic sunglasses — neither of which are really their fault. First, hinges. Your frames and lenses might be nigh indestructible, but you can still destroy the glasses at their weakest points. The Kickstarter video mentions some advanced hinge techniques, but it sort of just sounds like a spring. A direct hit from your butt is still going to be trouble. The other problem is that these frames look rather large, and could (will) make your head look small and dumb.

But if you're not too worried about either of those, check out the Kolstoms over at Kickstarter, where they're already funded and you can lock in a pair for $US150. [Kickstarter via Uncrate]

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