Can You Recognise These Products Even Without Their Branding?

Some products are so ingrained into the mushy greyness of our brains that we can spot their branding on just the shape of the product alone. It's kinda sick, isn't it? Within half a second, you already knew that that packet above was Heinz ketchup.

Why is that? Is it because we use it everyday? No, when was the last time you used Wite-Out? It's just funny to have this reserve of knowledge about brands and shapes and have the ability to immediately draw from that useless knowledge tank.

The stripped branding of brands series is the brainchild of Andrew Miller. His project, Brand Spirit, is to strip 100 different products of their brands (by painting them white) for 100 days, basically reducing the object to its most basic form. The idea is to see if we still see the brands without the, you know, brand. Check 'em all out here. [Brand Spirit via PSFK]

Obviously a packaged quarter (or Trojan)

Pencil thin vibrator (or Sharpie)

Bicycle grip (or Tabasco)

Har har, Wite-Out got whited out

I actually didn't know this one and I live in New York (NYC Metro Card)

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