Camera Benchmarkers DxOMark Say The Nikon D800 Has The Best Sensor Ever... For Now

Benchmarks don't always tell the whole story of a gadget or device, but they can be quite handy as support for those gut instincts and intuitions people have while using a device. And in the case of the Nikon D800, whose sensor DxOMark called the best ever after benchmarking it, it will need all the support it can get in its inevitable comparison against the Canon 5D Mark III.

DxOMark says that the D800 sensor has top notch colour depth, dynamic range, and low-light handling, placing third, first, and third against all other cameras, respectively. It even bested the Nikon D4 and Canon 5D Mark II The benchmark company also says that the sensor has a price-to-quality ratio that's unmatched. But how long it will hold this title remains to be seen.

You see, DxOMark has yet to benchmark the 5D Mark III or the Nikon 1Dx, meaning that the real best sensor could still be lurking in the waters of untested cameras. Still though, these raw performance specs should not be taken lightly: they put the D800 a class comparable to many medium format cameras. That's pretty awesome. [DxOMark via PetaPixel]


    Adrian Covert said, "You see, DxOMark has yet to benchmark the 5D Mark III or the Nikon 1Dx".

    You mean the Canon 1D x?

    DXO also has not tested the Sigma SD1 or a lot of other cameras so what has the Canon ones (and you can even get the brand right) got to do with this? No camera will stay at the to forever (I hope). Could this have something to do with the writers personal preference or all the sponsoring you are getting from a certain company?

    the 5dmkiii and the 1dx won't score higher than the d800, you can bet the farm on it. the new sony sensors are simply amazing.

    Canon sensors will not top the result. If you look at the benchmarks in dxo, canon sensors barrely register in the top 10. even if the 5dmkIII was improved a lot (unlikely) it will just break into the top 10 and not really hang around with the medium frame phase one, much less the mighty D800.

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