Brunchtime Deal: 30% Off Amaysim Data Packs

Got a shiny new iPad last Friday and need some data for it? We've got an exclusive deal on Amaysim's data packs, giving you 30 per cent off. The deal is for one of amaysim's convertible SIMs — so you can pop the middle out to make it a microSIM for devices that need that. There are a few specific terms and conditions — you can read the full set here (PDF) — but the basics of the deal are this: It's got to be a new SIM activation, you've got to do it online (rather than through the call centre), the 10GB pack isn't included, and it'll only apply to your first order. Got that? When ordering, use the following codes:

For 30% off a 1GB data pack, use promo code
GIZMODODATA1 For 30% off a 2.5GB data pack, use promo code
GIZMODODATA25 For 30% off a 4GB data pack, use promo code

The deal's valid for today and tomorrow only, so you'll have to be quick. [Amaysim]

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