Boeing's Jets Of The Future Will Be 60% More Fuel Efficient Thanks To Natural Gas

Using the moniker SUGAR (Subsonic Ultra Green Aircraft Research), Boeing has been hard at work developing a series of jets that will take us from point A to point B in the future. They've already developed concepts for a hybrid-electric passenger jet, and now with the SUGAR Freeze, they reveal their plans for an aircraft powered by natural gas.

Though we won't even see a SUGAR Freeze craft in action until 2035, Aviation Week says the excitement revolves around Boeing's planned use for liquified natural gas. Intended to be burned in a hybrid engine, the LNG propulsion system would connect to a fuel cell and would theoretically be 64 per cent more efficient than current passenger jets.

Considering that planes are responsible for a significant amount of carbon emissions, such technologies would be huge for the environment. Here's hoping it actually happens. [Aviation Week via Dvice via Engadget]


    That picture has awfully big props for a 'jet'. Or perhaps you just meant 'aircraft'.

    And when the Natural Gas runs out???? Why not go for Hydrogen fuel cells instead?

    because fuel cells are generally rather pathetic, an on-board thorium reactor would be the way to go!

    True.. if it is a hybridised LNG decomposing fuel cell, powering an electrically driven thrust device mounted on a commercial aircraft It can hardly be called a Jet...

    BUT, a turboprop is still a 'jet' as the prop is turned by a 'Jet turbine engine'... ok True a turbo prop is not a turbojet, neither is a turbofan and 'none' (well almost none, there may be an exception I haven't seen) of the last 2 '-3' generations of Fighter aircraft have been powered by Turbojets either, but in everyone's mind they are the essence of "Jet" aircraft....

    Soon 'nothing' will be powered by Jets, we will have neutron propulsion devices for hyper flight, and lead acid car batteries for low-tech use, with the whole spectrum in between.

    Life is a changing for us all...Just slow it down a bit so we can catch our breath.

    That just looks like an ATR-72 with some extra drag producing struts on the wings...

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