Bluestacks Brings More Android Apps To Windows

We covered Bluestacks App Player when it was first released in alpha form last year; an interesting application that lets you run Android apps on the Windows desktop. A beta's just been released that allows for — so they claim — some 450,000 apps to run.

The Beta-1 version of App Player uses Bluestacks "Layercake" technology to provide Android compatibility for apps written strictly for ARM architecture, as well as those that utilise graphics hardware acceleration. The company is rather bullish about its ambitions; the official release quotes Bluestacks CEO Rosen Sharma

"You know, first there was Angry Birds on Chrome which was a big deal, then recently Steve Ballmer stood up at CES and announced that Cut the Rope had been ported to IE9. With BlueStacks, it’s 450,000 apps coming to Windows at once."

[Bluestacks via PRWeb]

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