Blackhawk Secretary Trunk Is The Air-Stream Of Large Luggage

Because who doesn't need a 1.8m tall piece of travel luggage clad in aircraft-grade aluminium and capable of carrying the contents of a small apartment?

The Blackhawk Secretary Trunk from Restoration Hardware is a solid hardwood case covered in aircraft aluminium. It's rounded edges are meant to evoke aeroplane designs from the 1950s. RH is even kind enough to "pre-stress" the aluminium -- aka bang the shit out of it with a hammer -- to give it a "well-travelled" appearance. It hinges in the middle to open into a small office with storage and space to set a laptop.

I wouldn't even travel with it -- well, I would once, just to see the baggage handlers' faces -- I'd use it as an earthquake-resistant foldable home office. [Restoration Hardware via Gadget Review]


    In the right warehouse/open plan apartment this would look awesome as a home office/desk.

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