Better Camera Bag Padding Eliminates Velcro

There are those of us who believe Velcro should only be used in children's footwear. Not in clothing, not in bags, and absolutely definitely certainly not in the padded dividers that protect your camera gear. Sooo annoying. If you agree, you might want to help fund the TrekPak.

Instead of Velcro straps, which are always a pain in the arse to reposition, the TrekPak is a custom set of dividers held together with anodised aluminium pins that easily slide in and out of grooves in the padding. They look dead-easy to reposition and adjust, so you can accomodate an ever-changing collection of camera gear. And you can double them up when you need more padding — like around your expensive lenses.

And while the TrekPak padding was designed to replace the velcro padded inserts that come with dedicated camera bags and hard cases, they can just as easily be installed in regular bags and backpacks; good thing, because those are often more comfortable to carry on longer treks.

Led by Georgia Hoyer, the team behind the TrekPak is currently seeking $US15,000 in funding on Kickstarter, and with a pledge starting at just $US23 you can get a custom set of inserts for a small Pelican case. Though, if you're willing to pledge more, you can get enough padding to fill an entire pack. [Kickstarter via OhGizmo!]

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