B-52 Low-Pass Flyby Is Crazier Than We Thought

B-52 Low-Pass Flyby Is Crazier Than We Thought

Remember that insane low-pass flyby for that B-52 Stratofortress next to the carrier USS Ranger? Gizmodo reader and retired US Air Force master sergeant has sent us the look from the ship. It’s pretty bloody stunning.

Here’s what that low pass looked like from on board the squid’s boat. If you’ll note, you can see the helo from where the 1st pic was taken from.

Fighters are fun, but bombers make national policy.

Jim Meacham, MSgt, USAF, Ret.

Thanks Jim. This shot is truly amazing.

These images were taken in 1990 in the Persian Gulf. US carriers and B-52s were conducting joint exercises when two of the bombers requested permission for a low pass. While it’s a high altitude bomber, the B-52s also fly at low altitudes to avoid enemy radar and air defences. When the B-52s approached the carrier, they announced they were 10km away, but the carrier controllers couldn’t see them because they weren’t looking down.