AWOL Soldier Tries To Steal The Identity Of One Of The World's Richest Men

The feds have locked up an AWOL soldier because he tried to use Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's identity to pay his bills. Oops.

In a complaint unsealed yesterday, federal investigators allege that US Army deserter Brandon Lee Price's hijinks began in January. The AP reports:

Price called Citibank in January and changed the address on an account held by Allen from Seattle to Pittsburgh, then called back three days later to say he'd lost his debit card and asked for a new one to be sent to him, an FBI investigator wrote in a criminal complaint filed in February.

The card was used to attempt a $US15,000 Western Union transaction and to make a $US658.81 payment on the Armed Forces Bank loan account the day it was activated, according to the complaint. Surveillance footage also captured him attempting purchases at a video game store and a dollar store, authorities alleged.

Without actually seeing the court papers, it's safe to assume that Price is delusional. Either that or this is the world's biggest coincidence. [AP via Washington Post]

Image: Shutterstock/Rynio Productions

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