Autonomous Robot Luggage Probably Won't Get Past Airport Security

Ben Heck makes it easier to traverse those long airport corridors with this autonomous luggage that follows behind you like a small toddler. Leaving your hands free for holding travel documents, food or just pushing people out of the way.

The suitcase features a third wheel that extends when its handle is lifted for balance, while the two main wheels are powered by electric motors, which are independently controlled for steering. A transmitter carried in your pocket ensures the luggage always knows where you are, although, with a top speed of just over 3km/h, you'll quickly lose it if you're racing to your gate.

Ben also ensured the design met the size requirements for carry-on luggage that can fit in a plane's overhead storage compartment, but that will probably never be tested since airport security will almost certainly put this creation on the no-fly list once it passes through their scanners. So as a DIY project you should probably just forget about it. Both because of the airport security thing, and the you're-not-as-skilled-as-Ben-Heck thing. [element14 via PC World]

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