Australian Fries TV With Microwave

Well, we're about done with the ol' plasma set. Figure it's time to take 'er off to the dump. Or maybe we could sell it? Naw, let's destroy it with arcing electricity bolts for fifteen minutes straight.

YouTuber Aussie50, who sounds like he's deriving a little more than just simple pleasure from the HDTV's demise, tortures the tube with increasing power via microwave transformer. First, dead spots ripple across the screen. Then lightning dances across the scarred display. Then it sort of gets hallucinogenic, with the TV's crackling mixing perfectly with Aussie50's sadistic giggles. If you watch this for all fifteen minute straight, full screened, you will gain mystical secrets into the infinite nature of the cosmos. [Creators Project]


    Insane in the mainframe! This guy rules.

    What a big let down, pretty boring i skipped through the 25 mins of it (including pt2) and he couldn't even break the screen with a hammer.

    What a waste of a PDP.

    I hope people don't think we all speak like that (both the accent and the phrases).

      c'mon mate, fair go! it's queens english is what that is!

    Cool...but where was the microwave.....
    (Microwave transformer = voltage to the plasma tube not microwaves...)

    Like a great big CD in the Microwave.....

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