Australia Still A Potential 'Enemy Of The Internet'

Australia hasn't yet seen a blogger die in custody (that was Bahrain) or had a major internet service provider deliberately redirect users onto pages featuring malware (that was Belarus). However, internet censorship rules still see Australia featuring on the 'Enemies Of The Internet' list of countries produced by Reporters Without Borders.

Australia is listed as "under surveilance" by the organisation because of the voluntary filtering system used by some major ISPs and government ambitions to eventually extend that model:

Australia has yet to scrap its national filtering system, despite waning support and the fact that the type of content it is designed to cover may change.

The organisation also highlights recent suggestions that media regulation should be extended to bloggers as a move that " could turn out to be dangerous for freedom of information in the blogosphere".

Reporters Without Borders [via BBC News]

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    Hrrrm no mention of the Finkelstein review (ie News Ltd witch hunt). You don't have to agree with what News Ltd write to be worried about the implications of media censorship (including censorship of bloggers).

    I guess you did not read, or did not understand, the Finkelstein report. It was not a News Ltd witch hunt, it was a rather narrow enquiry into the licentious nature of all of Australia's "news" purveyors.

    You shouild keep in mind that the media companies determine what is reported and how it is reported and they appear to be having a very substantial negative affect on our Australian democracy. There is no longer any such thing in Australia as investigative journalism because journalists concentrate on trivia and garbage. We, the people, are not served by that.

    The aim of Australia's news purveyors is to make money for their shareholders and they do in by any available means. They are interested in strengthening their own political clout and not that of the voters. Without even having a right to vote our news purveyors have tremendous power over our political parties and that it disastrous.

    EMH, that's exactly how the govt in Belarus justifies censorship and control.

    Guess what, The USA isn't on the list.

    List is now irrelevant.

      I questioned the same thing when I saw it. I saw this on a couple of days ago, slow Gizmodo?

      Yeah it is, USA is in the same group as Australia

        No, America is not on that list. You can see the list of countries here:

    I'd wear "enemy of the internet" with pride. After all, the internet is the epitome of the lowest common denominator and makes talk-back radio seem pleasant and well-informed.

    I see, we prols must obey our proud masters who will tell us what to say and what to think.

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