Aussies Will Get First Glimpses Of James Cameron's Deep Sea Sub Dive

Australians will get exclusive insights into James Cameron's already announced deep sea sub adventures via a dedicated video blog.

Telstra's YouTube channel will host an exclusive video blog from the expedition, as well as a one-off video interview with Cameron himself. Telstra's connection to the expedition comes, not surprisingly, in the form of telecommunications equipment, from satellite phone and Internet services via a marine grade 3.65m satellite dish that gets its traffic channeled through a receiving Telstra dish located back in Sydney. Telstra's official release for the project quotes James Cameron as follows:

"It's critical to have a really good telecommunications partner on this type of expedition. We want this to be something the public can embrace as it happens, so we went to Telstra for a solution to get images out to the world. Telstra solved the problem for us."

Although I feel obliged to warn Telstra: James Cameron. Boats. These two things mixed together don't always end that well.

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