Are Direct Import Phones A Risky Buy?

At yesterday's Galaxy Note launch, I queried Samsung's telecommunications VP Tyler McGee about the differences between the Note launched yesterday and the models you've been able to buy for months from direct importers. His answer wasn't terribly satisfactory, relying largely on stating that web-based phone sales might not be accurate. Over at Lifehacker, Gus looks into whether or not you can trust direct market phones, and what Aussie law has to say on the matter. [Lifehacker]


    My last couple of phones have been imports and I've not had a moment's trouble with them. About 5 years ago I bought a phone overseas that you couldn't buy here (Samsung SGH X820) and it also worked flawlessly for about 4 years (my favourite phone, ever).

    I think for the majority of people who check the frequencies of the phone they're importing, they shouldn't have any problems.

    The problem is when something breaks, and customers expect a speedy replacement from a company on the other side of the world who don't fall under Australian consumer laws.

    My last two phones have been direct imports. No issues what so ever.

    Yeah same here. Got my Titan imported a few weeks ago. Not a problem.

    I've bought my last 10 phones from overseas- and to be honest, I've never had an issue. I really can't be fcuked waiting for carriers to get the latest n greatest and then to ruin them with massive amounts of bloatware, as well as being way too expensive...

    If you're affraid of warranty issues, then buy from reputable sites like Kogan, Expansys, Mobicity, etc. Sure they might be slightly more expensive than some deals on ebay, but at least you have an avenue to claim on their local shop warranty if the need arrises.

    More lies from the talking heads of the Australian retailers association. I buy from offshore and the customer service - with one notable exception - has been excellent. I avoid resellers, but would be happy to buy from kogan, or other online stores here.

    The markup on the sg note is disgraceful, but typical. Hundreds of dollars above comparable online sources.

    If Australian Telco's charge a fair price and give more information on when they are releasing a phone and when they are offering software updates more people might buy from them. I bought my galaxy note online works perfect, also was able to update to ICS still works fine, I asked Telstra when they are releasing ICS, there answer was, WE don't know.

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