Apple's Glass Stores: A Danger To Old Ladies?

Every year thousands of birds smack their faces on the glass walls of Apple Stores, and it's very sad. But have you ever considered the grandmas? An 83-year-old fur magnate walked face-first into an Apple Store door. She's now suing for $US1 million. UPDATED.

On December 13, 2011, Evelyn Paswall, formerly one of Manhattan's top Russian sable fur dealers, approached the Apple store in Manhasset on Long Island (pictured above). But her approach was stopped short by, y'know, the door. She walked face first into it, breaking her nose. So now she's suing Apple for a million bucks. According to her lawyer, a Mr Derek T. Smith:

Apple wants to be cool and modern and have the type of architecture that would appeal to the tech crowd, but on the other hand, they have to appreciate the danger that this high-tech modern architecture poses to some people.

On the one hand, glass has been around since 3500BC. On the other, who hasn't walked into a glass door? You have to feel for Ms Paswall. Maybe not a million bucks worth of feeling, but still, it sucks to break your nose.

Apparently, there are now white markings on the doors at the Manhasset store, though it isn't clear whether they were there on the day of the incident. "There were no markings on the glass or they were inadequate," her lawyer says. "My client is an octogenarian. She sees well, but she did not see any glass." [NY Post]

UDPATE: Well, lookie here. It sure looks like those window markings were well in place back in October when Steve Jobs passed away (Ms Paswall's little run-in occurred in December). Thanks RobNYC!

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    I used to work at the Apple Store in Chermside, Brisbane.

    This happens a surprising amount. At least once a weekend, we'd hear a smack, and then the sound of wobbling glass. The majority of people that walked into the glass were children and old people, but I think I saw people from every age group hit it at one point.

    They did put markers on the glass after the first few times, but the problem was the markers were at waist height. So old people still didn't see them, and children were too short.

    We usually went out the back after it happened so no-one would see us laugh though :P

      I was a specialist at the Sydney Apple Store and... can't recall this ever happening. It seems quite obvious there's huge panes of glass dividing the storefront from the street, especially now there are displays right up against the windows now.

        In chermside, the store is in a shopping centre, so one could reasonably assume that it was just open instead of a big glass wall... In a standalone store, I gree.. it is a bit different. But people are people and stupid or easily distracted.

      And of those that walked into the glass, how many we're looking at their phone and not where they were going?

    So, because her vision is bad and she didn't get good glasses (if any) she is trying to sue apple? how many other people have run into the Apple Stores? I have heard of none, surely it is her fault and not theirs? isn't this the same as if she tried to sue thecouncil because she didn't see a light-post and ran into it?

      Doesn't matter if it's her fault or not. She thinks she can make a quick buck, the defendants are rich, and if she shops around enough for a specific court judge (eg Florida), it's an almost guaranteed pay-out.

      These things don't have to make sense, it's Greed with a capital G. Back in 05-06, there was a case in which a boy got hit in the face with a baseball by another. So instead of doing the already stupid thing of suing that kid's parents, they sued the baseball bat company for making aluminium bats that hit balls 'too fast.' Why? Because they could get more money from a sporting goods company than a family.

    LOL epic

    maybe she needs iGlasses? running iOS X and has siri's grandchild.... siri release candidate 2? :P

    though i have to ask.... is the glass ok?

    Sure, building design has to take into account personal safety, but you can't clad everything in foam and yellow tape. If she is so old and fragile, I can't imagine she was moving very fast anyway!

    She needs better iSight
    or she will spend more Facetime with glass doors.

      Not gonna lie... I snorted a little. Hilarious :)

      maybe she needs an appointment at the genius bar to test her iSight??

      Come on guys, lets try to have a Sirious discussion about this...

    I find it amusing that she walked into the front door but not another part of the completely glass shopfront. Clearly she had some idea on where the door was.

    Those markings are quite low though by the look of it.. is there any standard height they need to be to comply with OH&S? If they're too low, they would be easy to miss... no?

      She didn't hit the wall but, she hit the door. From the various images I've seen the doors to the stores are large vertical chrome handles (as per the image here). Even if you miss the white lines, surely anyone with remotely decent eye sight will see the handles? The doors aren't exactly wide so if you are paying attention, they'd be very visible.

        "have large vertical chrome handle", not "are"

    Good to see the Gorilla glass is effective in preventing little old ladies entering the store :)

    Another greedy american who's just trying to sue to get quick cash. How does a bumb on the noggin (even a broken nose) deserve $1,000,000? Is that the lost pension that she missed out on by being off 'work'? Maybe it's the pain and suffering from people mercilessly taking the piss out of her for being such a moron, but surely thats not Apple's fault?!?

    Also, how did she even have enough pace to break her nose? I bet she got close to the door, tripped on her slack pantyhose or excess knee skin, and face planted the glass, then came up with an excuse to save herself from embarrasment.

      Doesn't take a lot of force to break bones.. and the amount of force you exert when taking a step is plenty to break a nose.. if you walked, without even a moment's hesitation directly into a solid object, you're going to hurt yourself..

        It's still a stretch. I don't know any 83 year olds that strut fast enough for that to be an issue. And besides, which did she think was there? An invisible force field protecting the hundreds of thousands of dollars of electronics inside? It's common sense, it's a shop, there's gonna be some kind of frontage that you don't wanna smack into, so you slow your pace when you approach. Surely the hipsters milling around outiside would have given a visual clue as to where the threshold was anyway.

        Sure, it's feasible she broke her nose but it doesn't change the fact that this is just a symptom of America's overly-litigious culture. A supermodel can break their nose and not be $1 million down, so why does this woman believe she's somehow entitled to THAT much money for such a trivial injury. At the very most, they should reimburse her medical expenses.

        With the success rate on 'sue first, ask questions later', there's an incentive to extort who you perceive as having money (in this case, Apple) for a potential pay-out. Just like that other American woman who was texting and fell into a fountain, sued the mall for a pay-out AND safety rail erected. We mollycoddle people in nanny states, so every flavour of idiot is covered in bubble wrap to stop them walking into glass or fountains. You think smalltown Chinese labourer #9283456 would expect a pay-out? Whatever happened to personal responsibility.

    I used to work for Telstra, same thing would happen there and it had the markers on it in the for of the "Telstra T" logo. Hilarious, at times...

    I know that when I walk into shops, there are often large, metal floating handles in the air.

    We had someone do this to the revolving door at my old work, just started walking in the wrong way.

    Im going to head out at lunch and try and walk into the glass door of the Apple store and see if i can sue them also :)

    Should have used my method for ensuring this wouldn't happen - never wash your windows.

    She's suing because she's a dumbarse? Man, if customers sued over their own stupidity, every single store would be out of business.

    I think this just tells us everything we need to know about Apple users. ;)

    On another note, this doesn't surprise me. I was at the Oracle education centre in Ryde, Sydney and they have nice clean glass everywhere with a big red stripe across the middle. The story is that the stripe got put there because someone actually ran through the glass. Ouch.

    This is pathetic that this women is even getting press. This case should be thrown out and the women should be charged for wasting taxpayer money. And $1,000,000?!?!? Where did she pull that number from.....why am I not surprised.

    im an architect, any framless glazing that can be perceived as an opening has to have a strip of glazing film so its visable. its in the australian standards.. so its law!

      Indeed indeed. I'm not an architect, just someone in the building services industry, but I've heard of the requirements before and from what I can remember the markings in the picture at the top wouldn't cut it under the current Aussie standards.

    Surely she would have seen the big steel door handles. Hopeless old lady.

    She probably thought the doors would automatically open, but auto doors in an Apple store would not work, coz we all know Apple users have no soul!

    There should be legal protection against idiots and stupidity...sorry, but that's just plain stupid

    I can remember going to a BCA (Building Code of Australia) seminar regarding the updates for 2011 and there are requirements to be met for markings on glazing to prevent exactly this. Not everyone can see as well as some of you posters obviously can, that's why there's requirements that are supposed to be met for this sort of thing.

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