Apple Used To Make Phones That Were Wizzy

Apple Used To Make Phones That Were Wizzy

Based on last year’s iPhone 4S launch, the mad rush to be “first” with a new Apple product appears to be waning — although I guess we’ll see if that’s true on Friday. But if you want to be just about the only one with a given Apple product, how about this WALT Apple phone that just popped up on eBay? A snip at a mere $US8,000, the WALT was a prototype phone unveiled at Macworld all the way back in 1993. Apple co-developed the phone with Bell South, and it’s got one of the worst product acronyms I think I’ve ever hit. Are you ready? WALT stands for…

Wizzy Active Lifestyle Telephone

Really, Apple? OK, this never actually made it to market — which is presumably why the vendor’s trying to get eight grand for it. Mind you, back in 1993 it would have been, at least technologically speaking, fairly hot stuff with its touch screen LCD, handwriting recognition — the same that went into the Newton — and inbuilt fax. Shipping is included, but not outside the United States.

Update: And the listing has “ended”. I wonder if the seller got a private offer from a keen collector, or a lawyer’s offer they “couldn’t refuse”?

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