Apple TV Stocks Running Out: New Apple TV Soon?

The speculation surrounding Apple's March 7th launch is, predictably, reaching fever pitch, with most speculation surrounding the small image of what appears to be an iPad with a retina display. Ahead of that launch, however, it's also worth noting that Apple's been delaying restocking its retail partners with Apple TV boxes. AppleInsider reports that Apple's been delaying sending out replenishment stocks of the Apple TV to its US retail partners for three consecutive weeks. That's usually a sign that Apple's about to either replace a product, or make it redundant entirely, which would tally with reports that a new Apple TV is imminent.

That's still in the speculation phase, but it does bring to mind a thought that briefly passed over my mind yesterday when the invite image went out. What if that's not an iPad, but the base of an Apple TV — panel TV, that is, not set top box — remote? [AppleInsider]

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