100,000-Scoville Vodka Will Put Hair On Your Chest, Then Set It On Fire

Culinary masochists rejoice! This hyper-hot vodka doesn't just burn on the way down, it ionises.

The 100,000 Scovilles Naga Chilli Vodka is reputed to be the world's hottest. It's 80 proof and contains the same level of heat as a Habanero chilli. Not enough capsaicin to make you freak out and hallucinate, but certainly enough to make you regret eating one. A 700mL bottle of Naga Chilli Vodka retails for $US64 at Firebox and even includes a paragraph-long disclaimer and PSA warning video. [Firebox via GeekAlerts]


    Why'd they call it Naga? Sound's like something Tosh would have something to say about.

    UK only... Just tried to buy. Paul, Marty - if you're reading this comment, you know how disappointed I am!

    "The Bhut (Ghost) Jolokia or Naga King chili..."

    We need to get a bottle of this to Shoenice STAT

    You are spot on James shoenice would gobble this up.

    Where can we get this from in Aus? I want!

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