10 LinkedIn Charts That Show How Apple’s Hiring Practices Set It Apart

10 LinkedIn Charts That Show How Apple’s Hiring Practices Set It Apart

We pulled a bunch of detailed information about Apple’s employees from LinkedIn, which is all available on the site. It turns out Apple employs way more general and administrative people than research and development engineers, according to the LinkedIn data. It also hires way faster than most other tech companies in the industry.

Those are just some of the tidbits of information we’ve dug up from mining LinkedIn’s information about employees at Apple. We’ve assembled a list of charts that show what’s going on with its employees. It’s not perfect data, but it does paint a pretty good picture of what’s going on.

Apple, surprisingly, employs fewer research and development personnel than other similar tech companies — and way more general and administrative personnel.


Almost every employee at Apple has more than five years’ experience — most have more than 10.

Apple isn’t picky about education — it hires a ton of graduates without masters degrees or doctorates.

San Jose State University seems to be the top draw of talent for Apple, followed by other San Francisco Bay Area schools.

Apple’s hiring employees like crazy, though that growth has started to slow.

It hires way more general and administrative staff than the rest of the industry.

Same for sales and marketing employees — though the difference isn’t quite as drastic.

The hiring growth appears to be slowing though, especially in the R&D sector of Apple.

Apple’s executive hiring growth has also slowed under Tim Cook’s regime.

It also appears that there’s less room for movement within Apple, compared to other similar tech companies.

Republished from Business Insider.