Zune Music Pass May Be Reborn As A New Xbox Live Music Service

Microsoft is reportedly looking to improve its less-than-stellar track record when it comes to digital music. Having already scrapped its Zune player and Urge service, the software giant could be contemplating rebuilding the Zune Music Pass program as a new, Spotify/Rdio-style service by year's end.

According to an unnamed CNet source, Microsoft hopes to re-brand Zune Pass as XBox Live and integrate it across its game stations as well as Windows Phones and the Windows desktop platform. The service will reportedly offer streaming and downloading options similar to current Music Pass offerings but will be easier to navigate and may also include a video component.

Microsoft is in preliminary talks with music labels, attempting to hash out agreements to either transfer its existing Zune Pass licensing to the new service or obtain new ones. The labels are apparently receptive to the plan given the potential exposure to Microsoft's 40 million or so XBL subscribers. Microsoft has also reportedly reached out to HTC and Nokia to support the Windows Phone component. Barring any delays, the new music service is expected to roll out in time for the holidays. [CNet via The Verge]


    I enjoy the zune experience so do alot of the people I know
    What is with the beat up

      Maybe you need to meet more people..........

    I don't actually use Spotify, as, as an Australian, that particular avenue of pleasure is essentially cut off, so I don't know exactly how it works.

    I thought it was basically a music streaming service? Which, Zune, amongst other things, can do perfectly.

    What exactly does Spotify do, that Zune currently doesn't? Or is this whole Zune 'reborn' thing basically just a find/replace. Change 'Zune' to 'new unnamed xbox 360 music service', and done.

    I think it works really well how it is, I have noticed if you download songs instead of stream them the playback is gapless too. just wish it was not only on windows phone.
    living in the UK for the past year I did love Spotify, the main thing missing in zune is the large catalogue and the similar artists features, I find it hard to discover new music I like on zune.

    I really like the Zune software as a media player, and it does OK for syncnig content to and from my phone. But I really don't like streaming services, nor do I like purchasing lossy tracks. I don't care if Zune gets renamed and its store is exchanged for a streaming service - I'll still be getting my music on CD or in FLAC from Bandcamp.

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