You'll Be Ashamed To Fill These Vintage-Inspired Fridges With Junk Food

My fridge is disgusting. If I don't eat better, I'm going to die. I don't want to die, so I'm hoping I can scrounge enough cash to buy one of these gorgeous refrigerators that embody all the qualities I'd want the food on the inside to have.

Spanish company Portobello Street has a whole line of refrigerators inspired by the one that your grandparents probably had when they were growing up. The trend in modern fridges leans towards stainless steel towers that remind me of surgical instruments. I have no problem filling one of those with dehydrated future food packed with calories and no love. That kind of fridge isn't going to get me very far towards fixing my addiction to Chinese take-out. These wood-panelled fridges, on the other hand, might inspire me to actually get out the old cast iron pots and pans and cook with fresh ingredients. I wish I didn't need a many-thousand-dollar refrigerator to not eat like a disgusting tech blogger, but unfortunately, I do. [Portobello Street via Apartment Therapy]

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