You Won't Believe These Amazing Sculptures Are Made From Smashed CDs

These fantastic sculptures were commissioned by Perth's Scitech, a science and education centre funded by the government of Western Australia. There doesn't seem to be a current exhibit running so I can only conclude they were a part of the organisation's "Salvaged Sculptures" competition, run back in 2010 (cached page).

The models, built by artist Sean E Avery, are built off of a wire mesh, using hot glue and CD fragments. Some required a few additional bits and pieces, though no specifics are provided. The sculptures are sizeable, with dimensions ranging from 20cm-200cm and Avery is happy to make one for you, as long as you're willing to pony up the cash. Small models are $US300-400, while the big ones will set you back $US800.

More sculptures can be found at Avery's website below.


Images: Sean E Avery.

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