Windows Phone 8 Details Leak: Bigger And Faster

While Microsoft is still trying to get people to care about Windows Phone, details of the next big version are already nailed down, claims Pocketnow. The site says it's acquired a Microsoft video spilling the beans on Windows Phone 8.

So what should we expect from Windows 8 "Apollo"? Will it fix everything that's bothered us about WP7? Will it be enough to make people buy a Windows Phone, or even know they're in existence? We hope so -- and it looks promising:

Faster Processors

The next wave of Windows Phones will finally support multi-core processors -- breaking from Microsoft's iron grasp on specs. No word on just how many cores will be allowed, and at what speeds, but this will keep Windows Phone in the running with Android and iOS devices that sport two or four cores.

Better Screens

Every Windows Phone is stuck with the same decent resolution -- but Pocketnow says that'll change with 8: "Apollo will add screen resolutions (a total of four, although actual pixel counts weren't specified). This is excellent news. Phones like the Titan, with giant, gorgeous screens, have been held down by a pixel paucity that pales compared to the iPhone, or LG's 720p Spectrum. Windows Phone is a wonderfully graphical OS, and software so beautiful deserves higher resolutions. We just hope Microsoft mandates things upwards, rather than allowing watered down resolutions lower than the current status quo.

More Apps

Easier said than done. Microsoft "expects 100,000 apps to be in the Marketplace (tipped for imminent worldwide availability) at the launch of Windows Phone 8," according to Pocketnow. That'd be a nice bump from the currently mediocre crop, but again, it's easy to expect anything.

Great (rumoured) bonus: more camera customisation. That's been a sweet spot for the iPhone app menu, and would make WP a hell of a lot more attractive for mobile photogs.

Miscellaneous Perks

NFC mobile payment support -- swipe your Windows Phone to pay for groceries. An SD card slot for added storage. Perhaps most interesting of all, an Amazon Silk-style browser proxy, which does part of the work remotely before beaming websites to your phone -- MS claims it'll squeeze data by 30 per cent.

Is this good?

Mostly, yes. With the exception of handset standouts like the Titan or Lumia 800, the OS' phone selection is like a dull high school hardware cafeteria. Every phone has more or less the exact same innards. Offering the chance to actually differentiate -- a Windows Phone for the everyman, a Windows Phone for the power lusty -- will draw attention to a platform that desperately needs and deserves it.

But please, please Microsoft -- don't your newfound interest in Windows Phone diversity as a means of stumbling into the Android fragmentation canyon. Selection is good, but a dizzying and arbitrary spectrum of phones helps nobody. We want phones that are clearly better or worse in obvious ways, not an XL, HD, SE and Turbo version of everything. Keep it clean -- it's what you've been spectacular at so far. [Pocketnow]



    This is frustrating for someone still waiting for Mango phones.

    Do I wait until March for a Mango Nokia? Or wait another 6 months for a WP8?

      There's always something better coming out in 3-6 months.

        Wait for Win8. . it's worth it

      You can have Mango on any phone you like, as its specs are the same as WP7.0. My Focus has been running Mango for 3 months or more. So my advice would be to go now unless you want the extra grunt of the Nokia's 1.4GHz CPU or the even gruntier new specs for WP8.

      I've been running Mango since Beta 1 (I'm on the developer network) on a first-gen handset w/o any issues. Just import a phone and don't bother waiting for an Australian release date...

        One of the main problems with importing a phone from another country is that they might not be 100% compatible with Australia's carrier networks so you won't get the the most out of the network you are on. They should all work on 2G networks but that means a lot slower download speeds. The 3G networks are different around the work and some countries use the same MHz as Australia does and a lot of web sites like MobiCity display the MHz that the phoen uses so you can compare it with the telcos.

      It's a tough call, eh. As has been said, there'll always be something better coming out in 6 months time. Best thing you can do is define your needs, then meet them. My Trophy 7 is fine for everything I need, so it doesn't matter if there are much better phones out there. Having said that, when my contract is up in July I'll definitely be getting a Lumia 800 as the HTC's camera is awful!

    "Every phone has more or less the exact same innards." You do understand that the customers who care about that are not the those who actually increase your marketshare, don't you? I guarantee that if you asked 100 people in Pitt St Mall what processor was in their iPhone, 99 of them wouldn't know and wouldn't even be curious to have you tell them. It only matters to idiots like us.

    I've actually excited by WP8 or Apollo but it's coming out far to slow. Microsoft needs to release their WP products faster. Apple is a once a year cycle and Google is just releasing when ever they can and sometimes it's a very hurried released to me (sometimes). Microsoft needs to decrease their cycle so it's faster and maybe get the phone makers to release more phones faster.

    They are still about a year behind Apple and Google.

      With respect, I have to disagree. WP7 was launched in October 2010 and Mango came out in (IIRC) September 2011 and brought WP7 up to speed with 2011-age expectations of what a smartphone should be capable of. AFAIK Apollo is due out mid-2012.

      MS was lagging, but with Mango they have caught up and Apollo will help them keep up to pace with their competitors.

        M$ is slower then Android and iOS when you compare them though Apple looks to be slowing down a bit these days for some reason so maybe they are on par with Apple now.

        The Mango phones are painfully slow to be released in Australia, this you have to agree with and the new Apollo phones will be painful slow as well (for Australia that is). There isn't any phone maker at the moment that is pushing or taking advantage of the features in Mango like NFC which I read is supported in Mango. Don't know what the reason is there.

        I would like M$ pushing out WP8 sooner rather than later and pushing out the WP8 phones faster because the way I see it, M$ is catching up but is still behind, they are closing the gap but they aren't there just yet.

          Sorry Barry, but as TSH said, WP's cycle was 11 months last year, and that ignores NoDo which added important features in March 2011, compared to Apple's 12 months. So I don't quite see what your point is? 12 month product cycles are the norm these days and Mango is an OS that is very competitive with the competition.

          BTW, there is no such thing as a "Mango phone", the OS is independent of the hardware. Any WindowsPhone can be a Mango phone and you can go into any store today and buy a phone running Mango. As I said, mine has been doing it for 3 or 4 months. The upgrade was rolled out locally last October, just a couple of weeks after it was released overseas.

    STOP everything - Apollo is NOT WP8, it is WP7 but for lower spec phones, it also supports 120 languages, smaller screen sizes and is focused on providing longer lasting battery for lower spec deviecs.

    Apollo is going to be an WP7 os update that will be avaliable to most 2nd and 3rd world countries that will recive lower spec phones (mostly from samsung, HTC and Nokia).

    Apollo is going to be released to all devices however, but you wont really see the benifits to larger, more powerful devices.

    WP8 is something different, Please Gizmodo correct this story ASAP!

      woops, sorry, i meant Tango, not Apollo.

      Apollo is going to be WP8

      im tired, got them mixed up.

    It'll be interesting to see how this integrates with Windows 8. I imagine they'll want to tie the two together very closely and blur the lines between them as much as possible. If windows 8 is as successful as 7, I can see a lot of people getting Windows 8 tablets and Windows 8 Phones to go with their PCs, having a whole big connected single branded ecosystem has worked well for Apple and I imagine Microsoft will be aiming for the same thing.

    Finally!, because no one cares about windows phone 7. Microsoft decided to name their OS after their computer OS, and we all know Windows 8 is coming, so why would anyone be interested in phone OS's that didn't match.

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