Win! Awesome Max Payne 3 Stuff From Gizmodo!

Win! Awesome Max Payne 3 Stuff From Gizmodo!

You may have seen the new Max Payne 3 trailer released last week. If not, click above for noir, male patter baldness and a host of guns that will most likely tear the skin off your face… in slow motion. But that’s not why we’re here. Well, it’s part of why we’re here, but the main reason is to give away all this cool Max Payne 3 stuff.

The stuff we’re giving away is as follows…

– Max Payne 3 Gun Bag – Max Payne 3 Target Tee (image below) – Max Payne 3 UFE Patch – Max Payne 3 Stickers – GTA III Anniversary Knuckleduster Mug – GTA III Limited Edition Lithograph

I’ve noticed that some of you guys/girls are great at creative writing so I’ve got an off kilter idea for this competition. Bear with me.

Kindly watch the above trailer. Right at the end of said trailer a man pulls a gun. That man is wearing a gold watch. For the competition I would like you to tell the story of that gold watch, and how it came to be on that man’s wrist at that moment in time.

Remember that scene in Pulp Fiction, when Christopher Walken tells a young Bruce Willis about his Father’s watch, and the difficulties he went through to deliver that watch? That’s the kind of epic tale I’m looking for!

But there’s a catch. You must reference at least two moments from the above trailer in your entry! And you must keep it less than 500 words. Best/funniest/most creative entry wins! And please try and keep it relatively clean!

Terms and Conditions can be found here!

This competition is also running on Kotaku, but there are separate prize packs for both sites.