Will Panasonic Make A Big Splash At MWC?

Mobile World Congress is imminent, and the rumour mills are pointing at a source that you normally wouldn't associate heavily with the world of smartphones and tablets. Panasonic, so the scuttlebutt goes, is set to announce phones and possibly tablets in Barcelona next week. Pocket-Lint has the rumour, which states that Panasonic will use MWC to show off an Android handset with a dual-core processor, Panasonic's own LUMIX camera technology and a non-OLED screen; it's said to use 'a new Panasonic-designed technology'. That's astonishingly vague; you'd think that if Panasonic had some astonishing new display technology it would be being implemented across a range of its products. This is in addition to the waterproof Eluga handset that it directly announced for the European market yesterday. [Pocket-Lint]

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