Will LG Make Google's Next Nexus?

First it was HTC, and then Samsung. Will LG be the next company to make Google's own Nexus devices? Mobile World Congress isn't just a place where companies show off their latest flashy phones; it's also a venue for all sorts of business deals to get done. Carriers get signed up, chipsets get scooped up, and big names are feted by other big names. Such may be the case with LG, which, according to CNET reports, is wooing Google in an attempt to become the next manufacturer of Google Nexus devices.

It's not clear if this would be an Ice Cream Sandwich phone, a Jelly Bean tablet, or something else at all; the report merely quotes Ramchan Woo, head of LG's smartphone division as saying that LG's 'heavily in discussions' with Google. [CNET]

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