Why Are Apple's iPhones Always on 9:41?

Look at any current iPhone advertisement, and you'll notice that, no matter the screenshot, it's always 9:41am. It used to be 9:42am. What's going on? It could be anything. 3:16am or 4:20pm if you prefer. But it's not. It's always possible — Apple being Apple — that Apple's designers work very long hours, and it just happened to be that their screengrabs were all at the same time.

But this isn't so. It's quite deliberate.

9:41 (or 9:42 in some older images) was quite deliberate, as Business Insider discovered. Former Apple exec Bob Borcher — because, let's face it, nobody inside Apple is likely to confirm this — states that it's because they're set to run at around the time Apple expects the unveiling of a new iPhone to actually happen at a keynote. They can't pick it precisely — which is why it's wobbled between 9:41 and 9:42 — but the idea is that when a new iGadget is unveiled, the screenshots should match up with the time of the presentation. [Business Insider]

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