Whitman: HP's Windows 8 Tablet Slated For 2012

HP CEO Meg Whitman has big plans for the ailing computer company. And those plans start with a new Windows 8-powered tablet by year's end.

Speaking at a Wall Street Journal event on Thursday, Whitman confirmed that HP is once again testing the tablet market waters. Its last attempt, the WebOS-running TouchPad, was such an unmitigated failure it had to be led out back and shot just two months into its production run. The new tablet, according to Whitman, won't compete head-to-head with the iPad, but rather, it will be marketed to enterprise clients and feature a stronger focus on security and management features.

No other details on pricing or availability were released. [WSJ via BGR]

Image: The AP



    lol @ HP, Don't they have ANYONE working in PR? Don't they know they're a joke?

    Hardly. They make the best workstations money can buy.

    Another Apple-centric type take on history... The Web OS tablets weren't a massive failure. They just had a crazy out-of-touch CEO who panicked and totally cut off the project. And with the lower price they sold the entire inventory and STILL had demand, but because it was cut off there would only ever be limited support and no ongoing development.

    That was ALL very open and well known and well reported here so why try and change history? That same CEO was such a moronic out-of-touch failure that he had this idea that HP would cease making consumer PCs all together, I guess his brilliant ideas have sort of fallen flat now. :)

    Its a real shame HP didn't port more effort into the TouchPad platform. I really felt that if the lowered the price to $120 - $250 mark and really got dev's onboard with the platform they really did stand a chance of competing in the enterprise market/consumer area.

    I'm an avid Apple user but the WebOS was sheer brilliance

    I actually have a HP TouchPad and am very happy with it, just wanting to find a good bluetooth keyboard for it to remote desktop into my computer, anyone have ideas where to get them from in Aus?

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