What The iPad 3’s Retina Display Would Look Like

What The iPad 3’s Retina Display Would Look Like

Chris Koerner was curious about what the oft-rumoured resolution of the iPad 3’s Retina Display would look like compared to previous iOS devices, so he whipped up a little image that compared each devices’ resolution against each other. The 2048×1536 screen would dwarf everything.

Make sure you actually click on the image above to see the full effect of the rumoured iPad 3 resolution (2048×1536).

If the 2048×1536 iPad 3 retina display turns out to be real this year, oh god almighty it’s going to be glorious. A 1080p image would be smaller than the iPad 3’s display! And remember, all those pixels would only be on 9.7 inches (probably). The 2048×1536 display has been the resolution long expected on the next iPad because it’s double the pixels of the first two iPad’s screen (1024×768), when the iPhone’s Retina Display was introduced, it was double the pixels of the previous iPhone’s screen.


Check out the full image made by Chris Koerner. [Clkoerner]