What Happened With The NBN This Week?

What Happened With The NBN This Week?

NBN Co launched its new blog, Telstra’s copper got declared and small ISPs kept expanding its NBN options. Just another week in NBN land.

• The NBN Co Blog officially launched, explaining why the NBN is like an onion. Yes, an onion. [Gizmodo]

• Part of the NBN Blog’s duties will involve detailing rollout plans; this week those plans extended out to include new areas in New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania and Victoria [ITWire]

• The arguments surrounding last week’s announcement of Ka-Band satellites for NBN got an interesting spin, with Optus CEO Paul O’Sullivan stating that Optus’ Ku-Band satellites could be used, but they wouldn’t offer the same speeds and were therefore only suitable in the interim. [ZDNet]

• Exetel flipped on its position of the previous week, where high quota plans had vanished; now the company offers a highly competitive $70/month 300GB plan in NBN areas. [Gizmodo]

• Adam Internet also signed an official NBN contract, giving Internode some competition in the Adelaide-based-ISP-with-NBN stakes. [Adam]

• Telstra’s copper will have to groan on for a few more years, as the ACCC declared its service, meaning it’ll more or less fix wholesale prices for the next five years [Gizmodo]

• Still on Telstra, it has announced it won’t offer commercial NBN services in Tasmania until the network terminating devices on the island are identical to those on the mainland. [ZDNet]

• And finally, the process for rolling out fibre on new housing estates has been tweaked to eliminate delays. [iTNews]