Week In Tech: Star Wars, 4G, Windows + Bacon

Star Wars in 3D! Bacon in Milkshakes! What do these two things have in common? They're both amongst the top stories of the week. This is week in review, the best of the week from February 6th to 10th.

Culturemodo: The Phantom Menace 3D Review

George Lucas may say that it's "just a movie", but to many folks, Star Wars is much, much more. We went to the Australian premiere to find out whether 3D could possibly redeem Jar-Jar. Read More

Mobile Monday: 4G Or Not 4G?

Does it really matter if what Telstra calls 4G might not be actually 4G technology? We think it does, and here's why. Read More

Nikon D800: It’s Not What You Wanted, But It Is A 36-Megapixel Mini-Monster

Nikon's long-awaited D800 peeked out from behind the curtain this week. But it wasn't quite the camera some were expecting. Read More

Watch How Special Forces Busted Into The Megaupload Mansion

Do you actually need elite special forces to break into the home of a geek? Apparently you do. Read More

Windows 8 On ARM: Desktop Is Go, Legacy Is No

Windows 8 on ARM will offer a traditional Windows-style desktop experience after all — but you'll have to wave goodbye to all your old applications. Read More

Most Entertaining Story

Bacon Milkshake: The Video

Bacon milkshakes. They sound vile — but how vile are they, really? Giz Au took that question to its (frankly illogical) conclusion. Read More

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